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Meet Michelle Radomski, Graphic Designer & Mandala Artist.


Michelle is an unwavering advocate for helping her clients share their voices. Through graphic design, book design and mandala art she helps people discover, own and amplify their messages. She specializes in creating visual containers that make her clients’ messages more magnetic.

She lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her husband, their two daughters, and three cats. Her favorite smells are brand new boxes of crayons and the desert after the rain. (Have you ever smelled the desert after the rain? Seriously luscious!)

What’s your super power, Michelle? And what advice would you give others who want to shine in the same arena?

I love color, connection and heart. I’m really good at combining those three things to create: high-quality, highly-impactful graphic design solutions to help my corporate/non-profit/publisher clients get their messages out into the world; book covers that visually capture the true essence of the author’s message; and mandala art that energetically helps people manifest their deepest truths and desires.

I believe (to the core of my soul) that Every Voice Matters, so I’m very good at holding space and encouraging everyone I work with (and everyone I meet) to share his or her voice. It Matters.

To those wanting to shine as a designer or artist I would say: Define why your work matters/how it will make someone’s life better and then focus your energy on sharing that. There are a lot of designers and artists out there, but only one who does art or design for the true, life-changing reasons you do art or design. It’s that unique thing you do that will draw your right and perfect people to you and your work.

What inspired you to start your business?

I hid for years. Hiding was safe … and yet my voice kept calling out to be shared. When I was 50 my daughter was diagnosed with a serious health challenge. It brought me to my knees. Then and there I vowed to stop hiding, to share my voice, to make my life matter. 

My daughter quickly went into spontaneous remission. 

For the next 7+ years I played around the edges of not hiding. I would leave my hiding cave, try something brave, get scared and run back again. Over and over. Finally, about 2 months ago, as I realized another year was ending and I was quickly approaching my 58th birthday, I screamed (literally), “Enough! I am done with hiding! No more!” 

I left the cave, energetically sealed it shut and have not looked back. 

Today my daughter is 100% healthy. And today I am owning that I have built a strong, thriving business to help others share their voices. I own the power of my design, the power of my mandalas and the power of my ability to help people move their voices out into the world. I own it and now I am sharing it. Being big and brave and bold takes time and patience. One small step and then another. No more hiding.

My voice matters.

What’s the story behind your business name?

The business name, One Voice Can, was born from my core belief that One Voice Can Change a World and Every Voice Matters. This has become the reason I do everything I do in my business. I truly believe that when enough of us unapologetically share our voices, we will change the world.

Who inspires you? If you could have dinner with ANYone (living, dead or fictional), who would that be and why?

All the authors, artists, musicians, leaders, and poets who bravely and unapologetically share their voices in spite of fear, struggles, challenges and oppression. I want to hear their stories, learn of their courage, and understand every twist and turn of their remarkable journeys.

If I were planning a dinner party for people who inspire me I would invite: 

Jessica Swift and Kelly Rae Roberts because they have built businesses and lives around sharing their art in inspiring, beautiful and colorful ways. I see us huddled together, chatting about how color and creativity matter like the sun. And how you can build a beautiful, thriving business around the things that you love. 

Leonie Dawson because I want to know every little thing about how she started with her art and followed the clues it left all along the way to build a successful 6-figure business while still deeply loving and honoring her life. 

Elizabeth Gilbert, Brené Brown and Anne Lamott because I want to hear from them how it feels to stand right in the middle of their lives, tell their stories and share their voices. I want to hear of their courage and their unapologetic authenticity. I want to know the journey they traveled to arrive in that place of powerfully sharing their voices. 

It will be a gathering of the power of women, and how we express and inspire through our art, our businesses and our writing. 

What would you like to get the word out about right now?

7647b_Word_of_Year_Mandalas_Sidebar_290x404pxI create beautiful, powerful, custom-designed mandalas from people’s words/phrases of the year.

Mandala in Sanskrit means ‘container of sacred essence,’ so when I take someone’s word and use those letters to create a mandala, I am literally creating a container to hold the sacred essence of their Power Word.

They’re sparkling, color-filled works of art. The mandalas help people remember their truth: they are wholly unbroken, right here, right now. They help people remember their intentions and focus on the energy of what they desire. Focusing their energy helps them manifest their intentions and desires.

Why do you read the Story Bistro blog and emails?

I’m beginning to learn the power of story. I’ve come to know that My Voice Matters. Your blogs, emails and other musings have helped me learn how to share my voice in a way that can be more resonant with the people waiting to hear it. Thank you. You’re a lovely human.


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