Values and Mission

My mission here at Story Bistro is to help you write better, more compelling work so that your world-changing message can be heard and shared more widely.

In order to make that happen, the following values are NON-NEGOTIABLE as we work together:


  1. Creativity. Yours, mine, and ours. When we start from the perspective that we are innately creative, it allows us to dream up more and better options.
  2. Diversity. Everything we do together honors and celebrates all races, sizes, genders, sexual orientations, abilities, and ages.
  3. Social Justice. In our work together, we seek to make our world more fair and equitable. In fact, our work itself seeks to accomplish these goals.
  4. Sustainability. We strive to create sustainable practices in everything we do. Bigger isn’t always better.
  5. Collaboration. You and I learn from each other. We work together to make a more beautiful world. And what we do serves all of us — colleagues, clients, and community.
  6. Generosity. We believe in a world of plenty not scarcity. And we know that there is plenty to go around. The more generous we are with our time and resources, the better able we are as a society to make sure everyone’s needs are taken care of. Need a scholarship? Ask me.
  7. Celebration of what’s good. We always look first to recognize our strengths, our genius, our wins.
  8. Integrity in all things. Transparency. Keeping promises. Walking our talk. Not just me, but you, too.
  9. Compassion. For self. For others. For our collective humanity.
  10. Fun. If it feels like work, it’s probably not going to happen. We follow what feels good even when we’re doing the hard, heavy-lifting.