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Meet Gabrielle Taylor.

bisiaWe connected about six months ago in a group coaching program run by Andrea J. Lee.

She was just getting started and wanted some help with her blogging and writing. That led her to join my Biz Bloggers’ Mastermind and then shortly thereafter my Digital Dining Room program.

I love her focus and commitment and have seen her accomplish so much in the past few months. She’s a true Story Bistro “Corker” and I’m honored to share her awesome with you here.

Gabrielle coaches highly sensitive women entrepreneurs, helping them understand how to use their unique sensitivities to be successful in business.

She lives and works south of Montreal, Quebec — on the Vermont (USA) border.

What’s your super power, Gabrielle? And what advice would you give others who want to shine in the same arena?

Advice for the highly sensitiveI’m a really good listener and I’m good at mirroring people’s strengths back to them. Folks tell me I’m gentle and compassionate. I’m also generally good at analyzing a situation (around people) and coming up with insights or reframing it in useful ways. I’ve got an active imagination and like to use it creatively and I love to be surprised and amazed by things, especially uncovering (or discovering) people’s gifts! 

Advice I’d give: Focus more on self-care! It may sound a bit strange (or perhaps simplistic) in this context but I do think that the better we take care of ourselves the more space we have to be present with others. Also, when we have that internal space it allows us a greater capacity for insight, personal growth as well as creativity.

What inspired you to start your business?

I was actively helping clients in my psychotherapy practice and I noticed that I really enjoyed helping women around empowerment dynamics.

I felt really passionate about helping them attain their goals, specifically to help them “get their work out into the world.”

Transformational coaching has a different focus than traditional psychotherapy in that it explores how to reshape one’s view of self and the world in order to bring about an intention. A lot of what I do with my clients is help them bring a “vision” into concrete 3D reality.

What’s the story behind your business name, “Highly Sensitive Women Entrepreneurs”?

I chose to work with highly sensitive women after realizing that these were the people I most resonated with and understood (being one myself)!

For the longest time I defined my niche as women business owners who were stuck and overwhelmed without understanding exactly what was keeping them stuck. It was feedback from one of my coaches one day that awoke me to the fact that my ideal client was overwhelmed because she was highly sensitive, had intuitive, artistic and spiritual gifts and a rich internal landscape.

These were assets and yet as she was trying to bring her work to the world or share it, she began to feel inadequate. She tended to put her gifts aside or dull them down rather than allow them to shine and make use of them.

There are many reasons for this (societal acculturation, learning, historical attitudes, lack of knowledge). I felt really pulled to help this woman to shine forth and share what she has to offer.

Who inspires you? If you could have dinner with ANYone (living, dead or fictional), who would that be and why?

Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, Jane Goodall, Mark Twain, my kids, Emily Carr, Karen Armstrong and my husband.

There are many others, including peacemakers, artists, writers, movers and shakers and bright lights!

What would you like to get the word out about right now?

I have a new program starting soon called, Connecting with Your Inner CEO. The program is designed for the Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur (likely a healer, intuitive coach, artist of some kind) who is challenged by obstacles in getting her work out into the world.

Connecting with her Inner CEO will help her to acknowledge and validate her gifts and purpose and discover how to break through the blocks that holds her back.

I’m also preparing a free preview call

Why do you read the Story Bistro blog and emails?

I love reading about other people’s real-life stories (around their business) and learn a lot from the lessons learned by others. You know how to bring stories about real people to life and so as well as learning about what’s going on, I find it fun to read! 


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