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“The Chef is a standout amongst mentors.

She teaches you to fish. She shares generously, offers wisdom, insight and actionable plans to help you reach your goals. Don’t know how to identify goals that will work for you? There’s guidance for that too. Tea, a gifted wordsmith, connects and creates supportive communities.

Julia H

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“Tea’s helped me with my message…

by giving me solid guidelines and action items to get stuff done. She is not for the faint at heart and cracks a mean whip but it the most authentic person I know. Looking to hone your marketing efforts, the Chef is your gal.

Lee Drozak

“Tea’s helped me to think differently…

— on a daily basis — about who my target clients are and the best way to communicate with them. That’s huge! Tea’s advice is current and savvy and you know you are on the cutting edge when working with her.

Holly Higbee-Jansen

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“Tea is amazingly generous and smart.

It’s really important to find someone who’s got a lot of experience, knows the ropes, and is still open and growing her/himself. And I LOVE the tough love: do the work or you’re out. You know, I’ve bought a lot of programs and read and listened to and watched endless webinars and …. now I’m doing the work. That makes all the difference.

Megan Everett


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“In a troubled time, you must become that which you are longing for.” – Stephen Jenkinson, Orphan Wisdom School Do you know? When I'm caught up in the world's chaos and anarchy, I long for peace. I want things to be OKAY. I want my son and my husband to find their...

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