This post is part of the 30-Day Bloom Your Online Relationships Challenge. The challenge is officially over, but you can still join us on Facebook to share your thoughts, questions, and a-ha moments. We’d love to have you join us!

My own business coach is the fabulous Andrea J. Lee of Wealthy Thought Leader.

When I told her about this “Blooming” project, her enthusiastic response made me think I might persuade her to join in the fun.

And I wasn’t wrong. She generously sat down with me (by phone) to talk about how we can do the most important work of relationship blooming: listening.

Here’s a bit of that conversation:


In summary…

Show people they matter by listening to them and paying attention to who they are — beyond the confines of their business. And when you get the chance, let them know you noticed by writing real notes or emails that mention those things. Do they have a child going off to college? A pet that just passed away? Are they creating a new garden? Say something to them about that in your next interaction. It makes ALL the difference.

Andrea’s challenge to you: 

Show one or two of your favorite online connections that you’ve been listening to them by sharing a personalized note, message or email with them.

How do you feel and what happens as you do this? Any responses? Was it easy for you to do? Hard? No right or wrong answers here — we’re all just experimenting! Come visit us on Facebook and share.

Image credit: Leyton Parker