Peanut Butter and Jelly. Two simple, timelessly appealing ingredients.

Like most of us, you probably became a fan in childhood.

Of the PB&J, I mean.

I know it was the only thing my little brother would eat. Period.

White bread, creamy peanut butter and grape jelly (he wouldn’t touch it if we used a lumpy kind of jam like strawberry).

Over and over and over again.

Me? I liked mine with crunchy peanut butter, bananas and honey.

What was it about your particular mix of ingredients that made you feel so…well…happy?

What about you? And don’t you still feel like sometimes that’s the only thing that will hit the spot? Yep, the almighty PB&J still rules — even for hard-core foodies!

Get yourself a posse

I belong to this tight-knit group of small biz owners we call the Blog Posse. It’s a mastermind group.

We meet to help each other knock over a challenge or two, hold each other accountable to our goals, and generally kick some small biz butt. So when my posse took up the challenge to help me brainstorm a new name for my email newsletter, they didn’t waste any time.

I told them I wanted something tasty. That would extend my brand, while at the same time sticking to my readers’ ribs. Something that could provide a little yummy comfort, and also feed the small biz soul.

It didn’t take them long to hit on The PB&J as the metaphor for all that.

And it didn’t take me long to figure out that PB&J would stand for Purpose, Brand and Joy.

Why? Because it was the perfect bridge back to those joyful, carefree days of childhood. Because connecting your brand with your inner joy, is the purpose of business (at least the way I see it), and will ultimately bring you more customers (more bread for the bread box)!

Because the ingredients are simple. (We don’t always have to get to fancy for our marketing to be effective.) And because your business and your customers need to go together like peanut butter and jelly.

How to deliver on the PB&J Promise

I want my business to be something that feeds you what you want AND need most. So here’s what I plan to do (and if you like this outline, go ahead and steal it for yourself).

I cross my heart that I will…

1. Make sure my readers, customers and prospects (you) are a perfect fit for what I have to offer. I’ll be the peanut butter, if you’ll be the jelly.

2. Deliver up something simply delicious every single week — online and in my emails.

3. Give you something that will feed your inner biz child’s need for gooey and sweet. Something that will make you smile. Something that will help you remember your purpose and passion for what you do. Something that will help you grow your business the way you want it to grow.

Okay, I’ve put it out there now. It’s up to you to hold me to it. Read my stuff and let me know if you think it stands up to the PB&J Promise.

Every week, I’m going to send you a little something to chew on with the intent that you’ll inject more joyful joy into your business. Something to help you think about your branding from a different angle. Something a little familiar and comforting, and something to wake up your small biz taste buds. Hopefully — one of the best things you’ll get in your inbox all week.

Want in? Make sure you subscribe! (NOTE: we’re calling it the Newsy Letter these days.)

Already on the list? Coolness. Tell me how you like your PB&Js in a comment below.

Photo Credit: Big Stock