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Hey Relationship Bloomers!

Jen Louden here from with a quick video on “Teach What You Just Learned” as an authentic — and maybe even easy — way to connect with others and create unique content. 

I’m wearing my favorite polka-dot top and talking about:

  • Recognizing the value in what you’re learning and how that has been the basis for my books, retreats, and courses.
  • How to pay attention to what you are discovering and the importance of taking notes.
  • Why you only want to share if you have a little ease or clarity but not if you want or need to be taken care of or “saved.”
  • The importance of languaging what you are learning with examples and stories (for blog posts and courses, less on social media) so others can see themselves in your experience.
  • And a challenge to share something you’ve just learned with each other in our group – can’t wait to read what you share.



P.S. Here are a couple of places I “taught what I just learned”:

How to Build More of the Life You Want

Navigating Depression

This video on Facebook

and this post on Facebook

Enjoy the video:

Today’s Challenge: 

Think about something you’ve just learned (maybe it was this tip!) and then share a bit with our group or with your folks on social media.

Once you’ve taken action on today’s tip, come visit us on Facebook and tell us what happened. Was it easy for you to find something to share? Hard? No right or wrong answers here — we’re all just experimenting!

Image credit: Leyton Parker