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Professionalism’s your doom.
It’s better to be someone whom
Can be fun and silly.
Goof is the chili
That helps your relationships bloom.

Professionalism’s your doom.

You do want your customers’ trust. But you don’t want to be so concerned about maintaining a “professional image” that you hide your entire personality. People are sick of dealing with faceless corporations; don’t become faceless yourself.

Doing it wrong

If you’re a chiropractor, you don’t want to tell the story of this one time when you pushed too hard and broke a patient’s bone — no matter how hilarious it is. That’s the kind of goofy story that will destroy trust. You might could tell that over tequila shots at the Chiropractors’ Bar, but not to a client.

Doing it right — authenticity

Being an authentic goofball means that you’re not being goofy just because it’s trendy, or because some crazy woman named Pace told you to. It means that you’re being yourself, and sharing true, silly things that you’re into.

Authenticity creates connection. When you’re being yourself, you give your customers permission to be themselves too – and that’s something that a faceless corporation can never do.

Doing it right — goofball

Being a goofball means doing things that are weird or off-the-wall. I opened this article with a limerick because it’s authentic and goofy. It’s goofy because limericks are funny and you don’t see them often in business. It’s authentic because I love writing limericks — I’m not just doing it for a cheap party trick.

Being a goofball is memorable. No matter how good my advice is, chances are you’ll remember me as “the limerick chick” or “the one who sang ‘Ponderous’ on the audio version of this article.”

Being memorable is good for your business because if your clients don’t remember you, they won’t buy from you.

And lastly, fun makes people happy! If you share something fun and your audience enjoys it, they’ll remember that happy feeling and they’ll associate it with you. And that can’t possibly be a bad thing.

My challenge to you:

Get out there and share ONE thing with your audience that’s authentic and goofy!

NOTE from Tea of Story Bistro: When you’re done, come visit us on Facebook and let us know how it went. What did you share? What was the response? Was it easy for you? Hard? No right or wrong answers here — we’re all just experimenting!

Image credit: Leyton Parker