Every once in awhile, a book comes along that really makes sense.

This? Yep, this is definitely one of them. If you’ve read Mike Michaelowicz’s The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, then you’re already familiar with his friendly and accessible style, his sense of humor, and…well, his enthusiasm for entrepreneurship.

But even if you’re asking, “Mike ‘Mik-whats-his-name?” The Pumpkin Plan is a book you shouldn’t pass up.

Why? Simply because it addresses one of THE biggest challenges we all face as semi-new entrepreneurs: How to focus on the right bright-shiny-objects and grow a healthy, beautiful business.

I loved this book so much, in fact, that I’ve added it to my Must-Read List of Marketing Books. Earlier this year, when I heard Mike had a new book releasing this summer, I immediately reached out to him and asked him for an interview. He knew he was going to be crazy busy during the launch, so we prerecorded it last month. You can listen to it here in the Word Café.