Not a ‘6-figure’ business. Not a ‘7-figure’ business.


Those are tired goals that miss the point and leave out so many wonderful things.

I’m building a Full-Figure business.

Mine is voluptuously PLUS-SIZED, and I’m proud of it!

It doesn’t need to be cinched tight by false comparisons.

It doesn’t want to wear control-top ANYTHING in its pursuit of joy.

No, my business is You + Me = ABUNDANTLY beautiful.

We shine like the Full Moon. Round, bright, mysterious.

And we celebrate and honor it all.

All the ups and downs, the learning and yearning.

All that we’ve birthed, nurtured, and set free into the world —  together — makes us rich in every direction.

Yes, there are sexy curves in our sustainable bottom lines.

But we know it’s about so much more than zeroes on a bank statement.

It’s about saying a lusty YES! to what moves us:

Yes, to the fullness and roundness of our hearts. And always with love.

Yes to the rotund fecundity of our planet and the natural world.

And YES to the generous and concentric circles of our community.

We are all THICK with the gorgeousness of creativity.

See it spill out, uncontained and uncontainable.

We are all FAT with relationships and lush collaboration.

See us blossom open into the best and fullest expressions of who we truly are.

Our BIGNESS is healthy and rosy-cheeked and we love to share.



Are you ready to claim your Full-Figure Business? What do your curves reveal about you?

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