Seeking a Select Few for Cutting-Edge Beta Test

Testimonials are Some of Your Most Important Marketing Stories

tea-caricatureThey can make or break the success of any sales page. If you don’t have any — or, even the right kind — you’re probably not reaching your full potential.

Maybe you don’t know how to ask for them. Or maybe you’re not sure which kind of testimonial should be used where. If this isn’t something you’re used to doing, it can feel like a huge, daunting project.

But what if you had someone there to hold your hand and walk you through everything — maybe even take the lead and get it done for you?

Wouldn’t it feel fabulous to have the glowing testimonials you know you’re capable of garnering?

Of course it would. I can help you get there.

There are two options to choose from:

Package A :: Done With You

  • One 20-min consult to determine your specific needs, resources and requirements for creating a testimonial-gathering system you can implement and manage on your own (once we finish our work together).
  • One feedback survey created and customized just for you and your business. (We’ll determine how and where to host this for greatest impact and ease of management for you.)
  • One email request edited by me (that you’ll customize and send to clients as needed)
  • Editing and formatting of three of the best testimonials received.
  • An outline or system for gathering and leveraging future testimonials and reviews.

Package B :: Done For You

All of the above, plus:

  • One email request written and sent by me on your behalf to five of your clients or previous customers. We’ll identify the best folks together.
  • Placement of these testimonials on your website as images and/or text — for WordPress users only — specifics to be determined based on your current theme.

I anticipate that each of these projects will take me a total of three to four hours to complete. At least initially. (As a rule of thumb, I normally charge $200/hour for my time.)

You can expect to have the project completed and wrapped within 10 days of our initial consult — assuming you’re able to respond to emails and approve copy sent to you within 24-48 hours.

The plan is to offer these testimonial services as a $197 (Package A) or a $397 package (Package B) in the future.

In exchange for your help as a beta-tester (and because you’ll be giving me honest feedback on how to make this service even better) I’d like to offer you a 50% discount on that rate.

So your investment would be $97 for Package A or two payments of $97 (one now, one in four weeks) for Package B.

If that sounds good to you, please fill out this application. I’ll set you up with a Paypal invoice and then we’ll schedule your 20-minute consult.

Testimonial Beta-Tester Application

  • If you do, please include the URL to the page on your site where they can be found.
  • This might look like a form or survey that's sent to customers after a project is finished.