Story-Prompts-Deck---Ad-for78 food/cooking themed cards based on the traditional Tarot structure. Combine two prompts for even more story ideas (+6,084 to be exact!).

Business folks of all kinds (from employees to entrepreneurs) need to master the skill of storytelling if they want to succeed. This deck helps you do just that.

Use them alone (to inspire stories for articles, blog posts, or presentations), or in groups (as ice-breakers or for specific storytelling practice) and spark inspiration, make new connections, and find your stories that matter.

These 78 story prompt cards ask you to find a specific experience in your own life and help you focus your efforts in conveying teachable moments to others.

They’re organized loosely on the traditional Tarot structure, but knowledge of the Tarot is NOT required to enjoy them.

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Being an intuitive and a writer…I got them as soon as they came out. The best thing I’ve used them for so far, was when I was planning the blog posts leading up to the launch of my new and clarified brand. Those posts had been hard to come up with since they had to be more targeted than the posts I usually write, but when I decided to use Téa’s cards, the process got a lot easier. Not only was it painless to come up with the actual story, but also the angle and quirky twists I wanted to add. I’ll definitely use them again. They’re a great tool if you need a new perspective, some inspiration, or if you have one of those days when you know you have to write something but you have no clue what to write.

Linda Ursin

“I love how they look and have used the ones you’ve [shared on Facebook] to write in my journals.”

— Carmen Taggart

“In the same way that Helen Palmer, brought the Enneagram out of esoterica into the western modern age (e.g. The Enneagram in Love and Work), Silvestre-Godfrey has re-fashioned tarot principles and wisdom for the business world and brand storytelling. Quite an accomplishment and kudos are due Tea for her marvelous deck.”

— Mark Leo (read more here)

“I’m totally in love with…these cooking inspired tarot cards. A fabulous tarot-based tool for entrepreneurs who need some creative prompts. This clever deck will get your muse speaking and help you conjure up lots of new, juicy content. Bonus fun: put two or more cards together, find more stories to tell. Get it get it!”

— Theresa Reed, The Tarot Lady

See sample cards below…

sample card - The Beginner
8 - Scale