The story is the most fundamental form of communication. — Robert McKee, screenwriter

Every hero has an origin story.

every hero has an origin story

Your entire life has led you to this particular moment.

All of your experiences, values and passions converged to make you who you are now.

What are your super powers? How did you get them? And how do they make what you do (make, sell, provide) unique in all the world?

Those are questions that most small biz owners struggle with — and not just at the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey, but on and off as they evolve and grow.

When you have clarity about who you are, you can infuse that understanding throughout your branding story.

The Origin Story Sessions will help you:

  • Find your Core Metaphor and storytelling themes
  • Name your business, services and products
  • Create a tagline that sells
  • Design the perfect logo (with a designer’s help, of course)
  • Write an About Page that speaks confidently to your Ideal Client
  • Clarify your “soap-box” or “manifesto”

In short, when we’re done you’ll have a solid foundation on which to continue building an authentic and fascinating branding story of your very own.

This private coaching package includes:

  • Three 30-min laser coaching sessions to help you brainstorm concrete ideas and solutions
  • Life-time access to a 5-module on-demand, multi-media eCourse that walks you through several mind-opening self-assessments and thought-provoking exercises
  • A 32-page eWorkbook (PDF) that supports the work you’ll do in the eCourse
  • Membership in a private Facebook group where you can post your ideas and get feedback from like-minded biz owners
  • Email support to keep you accountable and ensure you find the branding themes and messages that make your heart sing

The Origin Story Sessions help you get clear about who you are, how you’re different, and how to talk about your value in a way that makes people lean forward and listen.

Rock solid confidence in who you are and what you’re doing comes with time and experience, yes. But you can jump-start that process by working with a mentor to clarify all the pieces of puzzle.

Together, you and I will make sure your mission, vision, and values align with all the messages you’re sharing online, and off.

“Tea helped me find my tune!

I had so much fun going through the exercises in the first few modules. [They] let me get to know myself and articulate my values and beliefs. [You] helped me tell my story and find a theme to brand my business in a way that is truly me. I’d be still lost and trying to figure out that something special if you hadn’t coached me through my big “aha” moment during our sessions. A big thank you for offering this workshop!”

Rachel Rubin

Playing Internet

“The ideas I gained were way beyond anything I might have come up with by myself.

I always looked at my business as something that I started so I could do the kind of jobs I liked. I thought it was just because of me…but this program showed me that my business really WAS me! I was the ‘secret ingredient!’ I have a much better foundation of knowledge to help me make some decisions on where and how to modify my business image and marketing plan in the future. Thanks Tea…it was time and money well spent!”

Larry Guyer

Master Photographer, Ala Carte Digital

“For the first time in my entrepreneurial life, I’m clear…

…on my ideal client, realize the value I offer my clients and am ready to share my magic with the world. Tea helped me discover the pattern among all the ingredients of my background, aspirations, favorite things, experiences and even quirks that contribute to my secret sauce. The exercises, inventories, resources, videos and feedback were the right mix to stir my imagination and creativity so I could see and communicate my life and mission in a new way. The result was my first-ever manifesto. I’m especially grateful for encouraging me by example and directly to use social media and other tools to get my message out in a bigger way.”

Flora Brown

Color Your Life Published

Ready to get started?

Your investment is just $500.

As soon as you purchase, I’ll get you access to the eCourse and workbook so you can get started immediately. You’ll be prompted throughout the eCourse to make your appointments for our 1-on-1 time together. You can schedule those sessions whenever you’re ready to do some laser-focused brainstorming and coaching. And I’ll monitor your progress and answers to the exercises as you complete them.

Questions? I’d love to hear from you.