My Ideal Client

Are you…

  • A biz owner with less than 15 employees or contractors?
  • Looking for a mentor who can help you think critically about your business (instead of just telling you what to do)?
  • On the creative side (use your right brain more than your left)?
  • Committed to having fun as you accomplish your biggest and best work?
  • Ready to find clarity about how to speak with your ideal clients and customers?
  • Willing to make changes in the way you market your business?
  • Able to invest the time, energy and yes — money — it will take to make these changes?

Do you…

  • Feel like you’re on a mission to make real changes in the world?
  • Value the advice of a professional?
  • Want to learn how use the right tools and strategies so you can apply them in your own ways?
  • Have the ability to make decisions and then take action?

If you answered yes to all of the above, then we’re probably a good fit for each other.

I work best with micro biz owners and freelancers who feel compelled to create some sort of positive change in the world — whether that’s a world-wide revolution, or tiny shifts inside other human beings, one at a time.

I’m NOT the right person if you’re looking for someone to DO your marketing for you.* I’m first and foremost, a teacher, mentor and a coach. Yes, I have a lot of opinions and answers. But I’ll also have a boat load of questions for you.

I’m passionate about helping you learn new ways of thinking about your marketing and how to do it cost-effectively, efficiently and most of all — in ways that get real results.

Next step? Take my Potential Client Questionnaire. I’ll be in touch within 24 hours after you hit the submit button so we can schedule a free 20-minute consult and explore a working relationship further.

*If you’d like a referral to someone who can DO the work, I’m happy to help you find someone. I’ve got this page of resources you might want to check out, too.