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Learn to Love Everything You Write

Whether you’re writing essays, blog posts, email newsletters, or fiction (maybe even a BOOK), it’s a solid idea to get objective feedback before you publish (or submit to a publisher).

Did you miss something important? Does it make sense? Will your reader connect with your words?

Those questions are exactly why all good writers seek out feedback on their writing.

Some folks may hire a copy editor to help them tighten up their prose. Others belong to writing groups.

Here’s a third option: Content Coaching.

Content Coaching goes beyond copy editing and continues the learning process you may have begun with Story Coaching or the Writers’ Devotion Circle. (If you haven’t taken these programs, but you’ve taken others, we can still work together. We’ll just need to chat first.)

With Content Coaching, you and I go further than just polishing your work. We’ll find ways to expand your ideas and make them even more compelling, shareable, and engaging.

You’ll get more than just line-by-line edits (don’t worry, you’ll get those!). You’ll also get suggestions for ways to make your content sizzle while it feeds your audience exactly what they need.

Build your reputation, deepen relationships with your readers, and ultimately, engage your audience with your call to action.

Here’s how we’ll collaborate on your writing each month:

  1. You submit two of your best drafts to me via Google Docs. These are your choice of ANY business writing and should be no more than 1500 words each. Think about email newsletters, essays, blog posts, even audio or video scripts.
  2. I’ll make line-by-line suggested edits and comments directly on your copy. Add any questions for me in a comment bubble and I’ll address those at the same time. My turn around for these is guaranteed at 3 business days (72 hours).
  3. You put that copy or blog post ON your website and I take one last look. I’ll give you feedback on layout, images, and formatting so that it looks as beautiful as it sounds.

Try it once, or subscribe to save and guarantee your place on my schedule.

You pay in full upfront which keeps you motivated and accountable to finishing.

If you think you’ll have lots of content for review, you can opt for a monthly subscription (via auto-pay). This guarantees your place on my calendar, your monthly investment never goes up (as long as you keep paying via auto-pay), and you’ll save up to $336/year.

NOTE: With both of these options, you must submit your drafts to me within 30 days. Due to scheduling challenges, I can’t allow folks to rollover unused coaching from month to month.

Each month, I set aside space for 10 Content Coaching clients.

If you’ve landed here and tried unsuccessfully to purchase a package, it’s most likely because I’m sold out for this month. Please email me and let me know you’d like to be on the waitlist. You’ll get a message from me on the 1st of the month prompting you to come back here and grab your spot.


“I had doubts about my ability to write in my own voice and connect with audience.”

BurgerLisa-RoundIt’s weird, because I know that I’m an above-average writer. I wrote many essays and research papers in college and always did well. So it wasn’t writing in general that scared me. It was writing in a style I wasn’t used to. I had absolutely no confidence there. I would highly recommend this, if you’re struggling with consistency or feeling shy about your writing. It’s “forced” me to get out of my comfort zone. I’ve learned and accepted that my style is okay! I’ve gotten so much out of this process that I’ve enrolled for a second round.

Lisa Burger

Technology Coach

“I simply couldn’t do without it…

Téa’s attention to detail, suggestions for headlines, and discerning comments give me the confidence to finally hit ‘Publish’ and not fall flat. All of this with such a quick turnaround. In many cases, comments on my blog are up, too.

Anne Gillme

Expatriate Connection

Tea’s both a skilled writer and teacher.

I knew I needed to improve the ‘story’ in my business writing…but I didn’t know how. She skillfully taught me to add compelling relevant stories which have increased client engagement. As a bonus I enjoy writing more, too!

Sarah Kohl, MD

“I love getting suggestions…

Not only about pure edits but about the fullness of the content. The areas that need more filling in, more explanation, etc. — Now, my pieces are nicely rounded out because of your suggestions. And ultimately, much better!

Lisa Fuller

Parenting Coach, Lisa Fuller Coaching

Content Coaching - Monthly Subscription

Get detailed feedback and cancel at any time
  • > Line-by-line suggested edits on TWO pieces of writing (your choice, 1500 words ea) per month. Up to 3000 words, total.
  • > Final visual review of each piece on your website or in your email client.
  • > Suggested headlines and subtitles for each piece.
  • > Suggestions for ways to expand the depth and impact of your writing (if appropriate).
  • CANCEL at anytime. You’re not obligated to go beyond the first month if you find you just don’t have a continuing need. The monthly subscription simply reserves your spot on my calendar, ensures your price never goes up.
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Content Coaching Lite

Get detailed feedback and cancel at any time
  • Same benefits as the full version but includes just ONE piece of writing per month, your choice, 1500 words or less.
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Content Coaching Review

Get feedback on a single project
  • One-time feedback and review of ONE piece of writing, copy, or content. Your choice, 1500 words or less.  (Not an ongoing subscription)
Let's Do This

If you and I haven’t worked together in the past, I’ll need to make sure your writing meets a minimum standard before we start. Please reach out to me via email here.