Create Deeper, More Meaningful Relationships Online

In September 2014, several hundred of us gathered for a 30-Day Challenge led by business leaders of all kinds.

It was an experiment like no other and proved that yes we can — when we slow down and pay attention
— create the kind of connections that grow our businesses AND our hearts.

Are You Tired of the Glorification of More?

Does it seem like the only thing anyone cares about is chasing fans, likes and followers?

I felt that way, too. That’s why I put together the 30-Day Bloom Your Online Relationships Challenge. This book is showcases the best of that project: the tips, challenges, and a few of the hundreds of responses and experiences shared by the participants.

30 Ways to Bloom Your Online Relationships

Learn and implement new ways of building and deepening relationships with your existing online relationships

When you put these tips into daily practice, you’ll create a ripple effect that helps all small biz owners, everywhere, find and create real traction with their potential customers.

This is how we use business as a tool for changing the world!

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  • 207 pages, 30 Chapters
  • Highlights from Facebook conversations held during the challenge
  • PDF format (readable on all tablets and devices)
  • Bonus posters and MP3s

OPTIONS: A Kindle and print version are available on Amazon ($18 & $27 respectively).

$15 :: Book + Extras

100% of all net revenue will benefit NAMI (National Alliance of Mentally Ill) and The Brain & Behavior Research Foundation.

This option gives you a full color PDF file, plus 2 MP3 interviews and 2 poster images (suitable for printing or setting as you the wallpaper on your computer).

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Just wanted to write a quick personal note of thanks for your amazing creation…I’m still realizing how much it impacted me. This feels so much better than frantic list building or slick Facebook ads. I’ve decided to just stop looking at the other on-line gurus and focus on…what you suggest. Can’t wait for the book to come out, thank you so much!
Cindy C.

Thank you for all of you taking the time to expand me and help me see deeper in my truth how I want to create and develop relationships that feels so right for me.

Kaitlyn M.

I’m going to miss this group. I’ve gotten used to checking my email first thing to see what was waiting for me. This has become my new habit — more than 30 days!

Katherine L.

It’s only been a week and I can’t believe all I’ve learned. It’s super fun being a beginner……well, except when it’s not! I’am spending hours reading and exploring this world within my computer. I’m super grateful to you for pulling together all this talent. As a touchy-feely sort of woman, you’ave put heart into my fingers as I begin to build my intention for my website and offerings to the world.

Melody V.

Didn’t expect to start the course and end up with such a focus and clarity. THANK YOU!

Mo D.

I just wanted to say thanks to the team behind this course. I never thought I’d reach a point where I would actively enjoy using Twitter, but I am now.

Casey B.