Storytelling is one of the best ways to create and deepen relationships.

Sometimes, you need a little guidance to find your groove. You’ve got options:

Private, 1-on-1 coaching that gives you laser focused help with your copy and content writing. Tell better digital stories. Learn more here.

Private, 1-on-1 coaching that gives you laser focused help with your blog posts, sales pages, and other on-going needs. Tell better digital stories. Learn more here.


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“I’ve had a serious case of  Bloggers Block for…well, years.

Under Tea’s masterful guidance I can say I’m more confident and gaining momentum. It’s been an education on so many levels. From her asking me the very wise question about my resistance to writing to learning about the construction of a compelling post. Her keen eye for words and aesthetics are a powerful combination and she makes it fun along the way. The group sharing makes it an even bigger value. Last but not least, opening up my inbox to an edited copy of something I wrote felt like my birthday and receiving a huge box wrapped with a beautiful bow.”


Cyndi Fine

Idea Coach,

“I couldn’t for the life of me find the words…

to express my brilliance. How could I explain my special talents? Then it happened. Somehow I found my way to Tea, invested in her “Secret Sauce” program and finally began to find those words that had eluded me for such a long time. I found my own “recipe.” I’m still a work in progress and always will be, but Tea through her own unique method, showed me the right path to travel. I’m no longer confused and I’m so grateful.

Nancy Meadows

Interior Designer, Nancy Meadow Designs

“I was dreading working on my website…

the thought of revamping and revising it made me uneasy. Then I met Tea. My experience working with Tea…has been nothing short of incredible…she taught me valuable writing and marketing skills that took my website copy from generic to amazing. Her insight and knowledge helped me create a dynamic, unique website that speaks to my clients. I highly recommend Tea!


Kelli Proia

Attorney, IP Made Simple