Legend has it there was a big-hearted, slightly rebellious entrepreneur who loved to eat.

And drink. Preferably in the company of good friends.

But she wouldn’t eat just any old junk food. Nossiree.

She considered herself a connoisseur of sorts. Someone who appreciated attention to detail and the finest ingredients.

One day, while playing around with Google’s auto-suggest function (try typing in “why is the…” for a taste), up popped a link to a virtual eating establishment: Story Bistro.

Intrigued, she clickety-clicked her way over and was amazed to find they’d been expecting her.

Inside, she found someone who claimed to be her mentor. The Yoda to her Luke Skywalker. The Dumbledore to her Harry Potter. The Glinda to her Dorothy.

Someone who’d vowed only to wield marketing tools for good (not evil).

Over time, she came to trust this mentor. And together, they worked to build and change the world around them.

“Téa’s every ounce the master chef. She’s insightful, creative, and brilliant. Her sense of humor, marketing expertise, and caring ways will make you ask for more every time. Just looking at her offerings makes my mouth water. Go ahead and sign up. Your business will thank you.”

Yota Schneider


Guess what? That entrepreneur could be you.

Yes, I do have a virtual table for you. Most folks call it an email list or a newsletter. But you and I will know it’s something altogether different.

Still wondering if this is for you?

Here are 9 Amazing Reasons to Join the Story Bistro Email List

tea-caricature#9: One new marketing tip freshly baked into a story every week. Like clockwork.

#8: Blog post ideas and prompts — sometimes wrapped up in a challenge. (It’s our take on the sushi roll.)

#7: Access to a private Facebook Group (aka The After Hours Crowd) where fabulous mind-bending discussions occur. And also some networking. Just enough to keep things from getting too out there.

#6: First dibs on special beta-pricing for new products and services. (You could literally save hundreds of dollars with this one alone.)

#5: Subscriber-only access to wild and wacky gifts, scholarships and other no-cost bonuses. (Unicorns were given away last year.)

#4: I read — and respond to! — every single email you send me. Yep, I love to hear from YOU.

#3: You’ll never miss a blog post. And you can read them (on Thursdays) directly from your inbox. Perfect for those times when the only thing standing between you and that piece of cake is your cell phone. Oh, go ahead and eat the cake while you read. It’s so much better that way.

#2: Occasional “real” mail from me. Like in an envelope and everything. (You’ll have the chance to give me your mailing address once we get you seated.)

#1: I’ll become your biggest fan. Like, seriously. If you want me to, I’ll follow you on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ — where ever you hang out online. I wanna be where the big-hearted kids hangout.  (Just reply to my first email and let me know how I can find you. Soon, we’ll be exchanging friendly banter on social media. And who knows? From there, I might just invite you to hang out with me in person!)

I can’t wait to meet you.


Ready? Let’s get you seated.

Téa means every word here. If you’re looking for a genuine heart-centered guide who’ll mentor and push you in your entrepreneurship journey, then she’s the Giles to your Buffy.”

Lisa Burger

Technology Coach, Start-up Technology

I’m a subscriber and fan for life. I’ve been on a big unsubscribe mission to eradicate all the useless clutter from my inbox. Tea’s emails will stay! She never disappoints, and always helps me look at marketing and business through new and creative windows. I love that about her!”

Melanie Kissell

Blogging Coach

You always have something useful & juicy to share, Tea. Great ideas. Inspiration. Your emails make me smile. Laugh. And you’re so freakin’ AUTHENTIC!  I do implement Story Bistro tips. In fact, we’ve designed a manifesto for our new website (coming soon).
Sarah Lange

Principal & Founder, New Era Nonprofit Consulting