Telling better business stories takes practice. You’ve got options:


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Write your own web copy. In your own voice. And make more heart-connections with your readers.

For many solopreneurs, getting web copy written means pulling of hair and gnashing of teeth. You’d LOVE to outsource this stuff, but you’re a bit short on cash. That’s actually a good thing! It means YOU get the privilege and honor (yes it’s an honor!) of crafting your own messages. This course shows you how to find the words to make those heart-to-heart connections with more of your right people.

Do you know what makes you different from your competitors?

Is there a WHY about your business that inspires others? If you can’t answer YES, you may have a branding issue. Which just means you haven’t found your Unique Brand Ingredients. Yet. Let’s work together to figure out your branding…Learn more here.

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This membership program gives you either monthly or annual access to a private library of programs developed over the last three years PLUS a private forum and monthly group coaching call so you can get your marketing and business questions answered FAST…Learn more here.