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Meet Bonita Richter.


You may remember her from our Butter & Beast project.

Bonita’s an award-winning business expert who’s passionate about empowering women to lead their lives on their own terms through successful entrepreneurship.

She’s also an accomplished artist and loves cooking (French Cuisine and desserts are her favorites).

For more than 30 years, Bonita was a leader at a manufacturing firm her family owned. She lives near Chicago, but hails from Pennsylvania Dutch Country. Her three adult children and husband are the most important parts of her life.

What’s your super power, Bonita? And what advice would you give others who want to shine in the same arena?

I offer business consulting, coaching and training services. My super power is my ability to quickly zero in on what is holding a woman entrepreneur back from growing her business — and then being able to quickly, almost effortlessly, generate ideas, creative solutions, and construct a plan that demonstrates a new path.

I’m able to do this because of my 30+ years experience leading and owning small businesses, my education and training, and my passion for business mastery.

The size of a business, or how fast it grows, is not as important to me as growing a business that has a solid strategic business foundation to support it, and the striving for excellence, and building a profitable business that is financially successful and sustainable.

What my clients tell me is that after working with me, they feel more focused, calm, sure and confident.

I know (and I help them see) that what they need to succeed is already inside of them. I help them tap into their inner wisdom (which is where their confidence comes from), and show them how to take easy steps to move forward.

We also, of course, address the strategic and tactical business activities they can do to grow their business.

I try to keep things as simple and easy as possible, rather than over-complicating. I’ve learned that lesson well (how to over-complicate, and get bogged down).

My advice to those who want to grow a successful, profitable business, is to continue learning as much about business administration as possible, from all angles, from strategy to finance to marketing.

The more savvy a woman is about all things business, the more successful she’ll become.

Also, learn from mentors who have extensive experience, and a track record of success with their clients. Many times, these aren’t the big-name guru mentors, but someone in your own community, whether offline or online.

My greatest business mentor was my father. He taught me more about leadership and how to operate a successful business than I ever learned from anyone else.

Finally, keep things simple. A simple plan is easier to implement than an over-complicated one. 🙂

What inspired you to start your business?

In my role at my father’s manufacturing business, we worked with business consultants. I was enthralled with the idea of going to a business, and successfully solving their challenges. When we sold our company in 2002, I then started my own business consultancy. That was when Profit Strategies was born.

What’s the story behind your business name?

Profit Strategies is about creating a profitable business by creating a solid competitive strategy.

To be profitable, a business needs a strategy to position itself in the market and compete. And, generating profits are necessary to build and grow a sustainable business.

Who inspires you? If you could have dinner with ANYone (living, dead or fictional), who would that be and why?

Eleanor Roosevelt. She forged her own path at a time when women were merely expected to marry, have children, and be a wife.

She’s an inspiration to me because she was shy. She didn’t want to be in the public eye. Yet, she had an opinion about things, and wanted her voice to be heard, representing those who had no voice: women and the civil rights of minorities. She was an independent woman in a Victorian era. How brave and courageous she was!

What would you like to get the word out about right now?

Confidence, Courage, Clarity: A 4-Week course in achieving Dreams, Desires and true Freedom for ambitious entrepreneurial women.

This course brings attention to the deep inner and outer work so you can truly achieve the success you dreamed about and the reason why you started your business in the first place. It’s about gaining focus, clarity and confidence to reach your goals.

I’m also happy to offer your readers 40% off both the full pay and payment plan options.  (Use coupon code CCC40 when checking out.)

Why do you read the Story Bistro blog and emails?

I love the way you write: your voice, tone, non-hypey, and very useful and valuable information. Even your promotional emails are engaging and draw me in. I never feel I’m being sold to. Instead, I feel I want to become part of what you;re offering. You are 100% authentic, and there is nothing that feels “off” about what you do. Love your style. You have the freshest ideas!

Going back to the information you share, to me much of it is new, a different perspective. In a world where there are so many copy-catting what others write and say, and blurp out because they don’t really know what they’re talking about, you are fresh and very helpful. 


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