Are you ready for an adventure, Storyteller?

Or is your life already so full of strange and crazy that you only long for a quiet house and some peaceful chain-napping?

Either way, I have a special invitation for you.

But first, let’s talk about your biz story and The Hero’s Journey…

If you’re at all familiar with that ancient storytelling framework, you know that the hero doesn’t really get started until she gets that all-important “Call to Adventure.”

And since your business is a story, it too, has a Heroic protagonist that will — in some way — need to be invited to do something.

Usually, that invitation is referred to as the “inciting incident” — that thing that shows up in your hero’s life that moves her directly into the action of her story.

Let’s look at her BIG story — what she’s going through before she meets you.

Depending on her Story type, the Call to Adventure (and your corresponding CTA) looks like…

Depositphotos_65949531_m-2015Journey-Return :: The Big Call usually comes as a whopping surprise (think: the tornado in the Wizard of Oz). Keep this in mind when you create your call to action. She’s already overwhelmed. Don’t add to it.


Its a Wonderful Life - James StewartRebirth :: The Big Call is a fork in the road (think: the missing money in It’s a Wonderful Life). That means she’s already had to deal with a major crisis. Be sure to make your call to action something that will help her navigate her decision to move toward transformation and innovation.


ElCorazonQuest :: The Call is a request to solve a big ass problem, usually while undertaking a great and perilous journey (think: the treasure map received by Joan in Romancing the Stone). Yes, there’s adventure here that draws her forward. Be sure your call to action shows her that you can help make her adventure more fun and/or safer/easier.

jurassic_world__indominus_rex_by_sonichedgehog2-d8v9a9iUnderdog :: The Call is a death that signals the arrival of a monster of a problem (think: the Indominus Rex in Jurassic World). In your client’s case, it doesn’t have to be a literal death — just the specter of something dangerous. Show her how your call to action will help her tips the odds in her favor.

midsummer-nights-dream-3Comedy :: The Call is a frustration or misunderstanding that asks to be resolved (think: the blocked marriage in A Midsummer’s Night Dream). What’s needed here is clarity. And clarity that connects other people in a meaningful way. Be sure that your call to action shows your Ideal Client how you can facilitate that happening for her.

ben-barnes-dorian-gray-movie-posterTragedy :: The Call is a temptation that is given in to (think: Dorian’s wish to allow his portrait to age instead of him in The Picture of Dorian Gray). This call is the Rebirth story that’s led to the wrong path. Most marketing messages don’t rely on this story type unless they’re using scare tactics. Try to avoid this one.

Pumpkin carriage isolated on white background

Rags to Riches :: The Call is an actual invitation (think: the general invitation to the ball in Cinderella). If your Ideal Client has already accepted the invitation to be who she truly is — in her full glory — she may just need some assistance getting there. Use your call to action to show her how you can help.

If you know your story type, then you also know what your heroic clients are probably going through right now.

For example, my story type is Comedy. (Comedy Types focus on two things: clarity of communication and relationships.)

Obviously, you’re here because you’d like to know how to make both of these things stronger in your business, yes?

You (as the hero of my biz story) may feel frustrated with how well your marketing messages are communicated. Or, you’re seeking clarity about what those marketing messages should even BE.

Either way, you want to fix these problems because you’d like more and better client relationships. Yes?

But YOUR story type is not mine.

You could be Rebirth or Journey-Return (most, but not all folks who’ve taken my story type assessment fall into these two camps).

That means, I also need to understand the language you use to talk about your communication and relationship challenges. (At least, I do if I want to be make a deeper and more meaningful connection with you.)

Then I need to blend those two story types together (e.g., Comedy + [Your Type] = message).

For example, I might start a message to you with…

  • If writing your marketing copy makes you feel like a stranger in a strange land… (Journey-Return)…
  • If you’re looking for a way to express the transformation you bring…(Rebirth)
  • If you’re searching for the ultimate message to help your clients achieve their goals…(Quest)
  • If you’re ready to have your brand express your highest truth…(Rags to Riches)
  • If you feel like marketing your business is an uphill battle…(Underdog)

When you can weave the lexicons of both story types together, you’ll have a much better chance of connecting to your reader in a way that matters.

This little piece of the storytelling puzzle plays an especially important part in your invitation to them. Are they looking for the pure adventure of achieving a goal (Quest)? Or do they yearn to escape the insanity and return home to a place of confidence and joy (Journey-Return)?

There’s a difference, right?

You also need to know the message you’re trying to convey. The information has embedded in it, a particular outcome and/or benefits.

Once you know those, you can transform that information into an experience via the words you choose.

So how will you invite your Ideal Clients to work with you?

How do you know what kind of Call to Adventure would make the most sense to them?

This is something we’ll explore in depth during our two-day Small Biz Storytelling Soirée this August.

If you won’t be able to join us in Portland, you can still attend virtually (for just $37).

And I’ve created a private Facebook group just for attendees so no matter how you participate, you’ll still get the benefits of networking and meeting like-hearted entrepreneurs.

But that’s not my invitation.

Here’s my true invitation — my example of how to extend a Call to Action/Adventure:

Dearest Storyteller,

I see you sitting there. Wondering and hoping if there’s a way to market your business that feels less like wading through a dangerous jungle and more like swinging joyfully from the vines.

If there’s a way to clarify and sort through all the thousands of directions and ideas and know exactly what you want and need to say.

And if there’s a way to speak honestly from your heart instead of relying on manipulative mind games.

The simple (but not easy) answer is, “Yes.”

And I’d like to share it with you in person.

Our group will be small — we have room for just two dozen big-hearted entrepreneurs.

We’ll gather for two days later this summer to share and listen to each other’s stories.

We’ll bring our curiosity, our hearts, and minds  

If you join us, I promise you’ll find clarity.The light in young woman hands in cupped shape. Concepts of sharing, giving, offering, taking care, protection

The confusion about which direction to follow will melt away. Your path and next steps for the coming year will come into focus — all under your own power.

If you join us, I promise you’ll find community.

You’ll have the chance to connect deeply with like-minded biz owners and get to know them as multi-faceted human beings. You’ll fascinate each other and build new friendships and find potential new partners.

If you join us, I promise you and your business will be transformed.

You’ll come away with new confidence, new insights about your brand and how to express it, and a new passion for marketing.

Is there still time to decide? Yes. But not much. (We meet August 8 & 9!)

What do you need to do? Think about what you want and need and then, if it feels right, register here. (Remember, if you can’t be with us in-person, you can still attend virtually.)

And take advantage of my special LOVEBISCUIT discount. (You’ll save 25% now through July 31st.)

Consider this your personal invitation, Golden Ticket and Call to Adventure, Storyteller.

Join us in person. Or attend via the comfort of your bed and nap between sessions.

Either way, you’re my Hero. And I’d be honored to have the chance to show you exactly what that means.




What language in that invitation stood out to YOU? What did you notice that resonated (or not)?

Do you have a question about Calls to Action/Adventure and how to make them? Or maybe you’ve got a few additional thoughts or advice I missed?

Share with us in a comment below and let’s discuss and learn together.



Thank you! I learned so much and am reinvigorated with my marketing and calls to action! Muah!

– William,