…You’d Be in Love, Too

Few business owners are as lucky as I am.

I don’t talk about them often enough, but I have some of the BEST clients in the world.

Each of them are doing amazing things — changing and shifting, growing into more confident and glowing versions of themselves — not to mention creating ripples, big and small out into the multiverse.

I’m proud and honored to work with ALL of them.

Some of them have been working hard on their storytelling skills.* And it shows! So in honor of all their blood, sweat and tears, I’d like to shine a few spotlights on their blogs today:

bigstock-Valentine-Day-concept-selecti-58878323Lisa Burger of StartUp! helps us understand how to tell scammy emails from legit ones.

Helen Baldwin of Websights shares a cautionary tale about domain names.

Stacey Shanks teaches us a Hawaiian mantra to deal with stress and anxiety.

Karen Jones of Heart Matters is now a regular contributor at The Good Men Project.

Lee Drozak recently rebranded her business and she shares why.

Jim Bessey of SoWrite.us won Firepole Marketing’s latest blog contest with his 99 Ways to Edit and Revise Anything You Write. Congratulations, Jim!

Evelyn Kalinosky of Inner Affluence is not-so-quietly building a revolution around how mid-life women choose to live their lives.

Birdy Diamond of Wonderland Decks & Delights recently launched her first product to the world and she wants you to know it can help you find clarity and purpose.

Sarah Kohl of Travel Ready MD reveals how you can avoid the dreaded “Delhi Belly.”

Cyndi Fine of Wired to Inspired weaves her love of shoes into the process she uses with coaching clients.

Sandra Turnbull at Innershift Coaching gives us ideas about how to love exercising when we really don’t want to.

Holly Higbee-Jansen of Jansen Photo Explorations shares her connection to Yosemite, Ansel Adams and her love of photography.

Michele Trainer of Engineering Wellness shows us a new and interesting side of herself.

Alecia Caine of Find Yourself in France is helping her clients follow their life-long dreams.

Shawna Hampton of Furniture Works shares the story behind why she doesn’t do shabby chic.

Jonell Alvi of Coaches Flow wrote this fabulous post about her challenges with building and marketing a new business.

Please enjoy as many as you can and share them with your friends and family. There’s really good stuff here!

*I’ve only shared fabulousness from those who’ve recently published something significant to them. My sincere apologies to any I may have overlooked. If your lovely post or project is missing from this list, please share it with us in a comment below.