Have you ever been seduced by a vegetable?

I have. And her name is Artichoke.

What is it about her that draws me in? She’s beautiful, sensual and earthy all at once. She has hidden mysteries, layers of “meaty” stories, and a delicious interior that can only be discovered through patience and time.

She’s an experience as well as a meal. A luxurious treat for my lips and tongue, and one that nourishes my body, too.

And? Every important romantic relationship I’ve had in my nearly 50 years has an artichoke story. (Sorry, most of them aren’t appropriate for this blog.)

What if your business gave your clients a similar feeling? Would they be more inclined to buy from you again and again? I think so!

And it’s the reason I launched Story Bistro.

Here’s how it started…

Over the last year or so, I’ve dealt with some annoying sand and grit we’ll call “marketing-as-usual.”

Dissatisfaction can be SO helpful. And also feel extremely frustrating when you don’t know what to do with it.

But eventually — if you stick with it — that grit turns into a pearl. Something quite beautiful that you can choose to gift or sell or wear with pride.


Your “grit” can turn into a pearl. Here’s how: think about what’s broken or missing in your industry. What do you see as a gap that needs closing? Fixing? Is there a rant in you? Do you have a soapbox you keep finding yourself on? Those are clues!

I’m pretty sure that’s what happened for me.

If you missed it, late last year I wrote this: No More Marketing: Why I’m Done.

That post was the beginning of my “re-brand” from The Word Chef to Story Bistro.

But I didn’t just create a new logo and new website. Nope. This is actually a re-focusing. A pulling-in from trying to do all the things I’m capable of, but not necessarily in love with doing (or being for that matter).

I’ve long been an advocate for not doing things just because you’re good at them. Skills, expertise and talent are important — but unless you enjoy what you’re doing, you’re going to end up just as miserable as if you’d been if you stayed at that J.O.B.

In my heart — the place where I find the most joy and fulfillment — I’m a storyteller and a story-listener.

I’m also more than just a Word Chef.

[It’s strange to acknowledge that you might have out-grown a label. Even if it was a label you chose for yourself.]

After much deliberation last year, I decided to create a new digital home with a new roof and a new hearth.

And because all the best brands have an icon or a symbol that helps them anchor who they are, I’ve chosen one for Story Bistro: The Artichoke.

Look, food metaphors are and probably always will be my thing.

There’s no getting around the fact that food is an integral part of our lives. It’s how we relate to each other, right?

It’s over a shared meal that we learn about each other, laugh and deeeepen our connections. Something I feel like our business world has lost sight of — to its detriment.

Story Bistro is an iteration of my brand that allows me to help small businesses tell the stories that matter (with the bonus of using food as my metaphor).

And at the heart of it will be the artichoke. (See what I did there?)

Because Your Business can be both a coveted experience and a satisfying meal for those you serve. It can nourish body, mind and spirit if you make that your intention. And the process of getting there can be the bite-sized stories you share over time.

Doesn’t that sound enticing?

Now, when you see an artichoke, you’ll know what it means:

The Artichoke as Symbol for Your Business

The Artichoke as Symbol for Your Business

How about you?  What’s your artichoke?

Tea-artichoke-webWhat (or who) do you love, love, love? And why? Can you describe them?

Your answers are clues about how to best express your vision and value through your business. (For more on this, check out How To Attract Your Perfect Customers.)

Share your story in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you!