Tell us a story!

Sometimes finding inspiration — at least where your business blog’s concerned — can feel a bit like trying to touch your elbow to your nose (frustrating at worst, just plain laughable at best).

I hear from a lot of you that you’re not sure what you should be blogging about for your business, and I’d like to help change that.

Here’s what we’ll do: I’ll give you a writing prompt at the beginning of each month. Then, you write a post that speaks to that topic and share a link to it here. All links will be due no later than the 3rd Friday of that month.

At the end of the month, I’ll take a look at the analytics and the post with the most votes* will win its author a fabulous Story Bistro t-shirt (photo coming soon) as well as a loving mention in our newsletter, and multiple social media shares by yours truly.

Ready for this month’s topic? Here it is: Teachable Moments.

Questions to get you started:

  • What’s happened in your life that created a shift for you or others? These could be things like…
    • Observations of others
    • Movies, books or stories you love
    • Goals or tasks you’ve struggled with and overcome
    • Random occurrences while out and about
  • How could you talk about that experience in relation to what your business sells?
  • How does what you observed parallel the experiences of your clients?

Write your post, then come back here and share the link below. I’ll visit your blog and share your link via social media as long as it’s posted here before the due date.

Then on April 30th at midnight, Pacific time, I’ll gather the results. The winner will be announced — complete with fanfare — in the first email newsletter of the following month.

*Obviously, the earlier in the month you complete this task, the better your chances of being seen by more people and receiving more votes.